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Truth Not Trends

Oct 4, 2021

Boyer Coe competed in bodybuiliding competitions from the 60's to the 90's, entering 88 competitions and winning a total of 26 titles (15 professional and 11 amateur). Today, at 75 years old, he is still in the gym every morning at 5.00 A.M.

This week join us as we sit down for a candid conversation with Boyer. We discuss his life in bodybuilding from his early inspiration from mentor Red Lerille (owner of the first serious gym Boyer trained at), to owning a health food store, running a gym, prototyping exercise equipment, and co-hosting a fitness program on ESPN.

Boyer shares his insightful and accurate thoughts on many of its major events, including training, nutrition and even the controversial 1980 and 1981 Mr. Olympia's.