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Truth Not Trends

Oct 18, 2021

Join us as we welcome Andrei Yakovenko and Philip Shepherd, authors of Deep Fitness.

Deep Fitness brings a much-needed evolution to our understanding of what fitness can mean. Deep Fitness identifies and lays out a very compelling argument for the benefits of brief, intense, and infrequent bouts of high-intensity movement, or what they call Mindful Strength Training To Failure.

Learn why the inclusion of strength training is evidenced to improve your health markers, increase your quality of life, and reduce your risk of mortality.

This book will guide you through some of the science of strength training using a time-efficient approach that even the busiest person cannot excuse themselves from. Mindful Strength Training to Failure (MSTF)—the core of this text—encourages a mental and physical submission to your understanding, appreciation, and improvement of your body and its function.