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Truth Not Trends

Feb 6, 2023

Today we finally have a chance to sit down with our friend Strength Coach Erik McKay of No Bull Strength and Performance, Michigan. Erik has an incredible facility and years of real world coaching experience working with people of all ages and abilities.

Join us as we talk about Erik's thoughts on the "No Excuses" concept seen everywhere on social media.

We also dig into how No Bull Strength and Performance applies strength training safely and efficiently. The basis of their program is full-body high intensity training, which ensures maximum stimulation of all major musculatures of the body in a minimum amount of time.

The cornerstone of No Bull Strength And Performance intensity-based exercise is about finding the right amount of exercise the body needs to create positive adaptation (muscle growth, fat loss, strengthening of joints, etc.) It is not about doing countless sets of the same exercise or just moving through an exercise without purpose. In their programs, they make sure you are getting the most out of each set and each rep.

Finally, we wander off the path a bit to hear all about Erik's journey to lifting the legendary Dinnie Stones.