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Truth Not Trends

Nov 13, 2023

Welcome, truth-seekers, to another episode of the Truth Not Trends Podcast! Today, we have something special brewing in the world of fitness knowledge."

This episode of the Truth Not Trends Podcast introduces an exciting crossover event as Jesse Schmidt and Liam "TAKU" Bauer prepare to share their expertise on the "That Fitness Couple Podcast", setting the stage for an engaging and enlightening conversation for our audience.

Liam 'TAKU' Bauer and Jesse Schmidt are thrilled to have been invited as esteemed guests to join 'That Fitness Couple Podcast.' Known for their insightful discussions and passion for health and wellness, they are ready to enlighten another corner of the fitness universe.

This special crossover episode promises to be a journey through the maze of fitness myths, uncovering truths, and empowering you with actionable insights. 

So, get ready for an enlightening and engaging conversation as the Truth Not Trends crew join That Fitness Couple on their amazing Podcast!"

Stay tuned for a collision of wisdom from two phenomenal podcasts!"