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Truth Not Trends

May 14, 2023

This week Liam and Jesse are joined by a surprise guest who popped in just in time to join us in a discussion on the age old debate: Machines Vs Free Weights.

The majority of modern weight rooms today consist of mostly power racks and benches, with machines being considered inferior or less “FUNCTIONAL”.

The scientific literature says your muscles can’t distinguish what’s providing the resistance—whether you stimulate them with a barbell or a machine, you’ll get roughly the same result.

When conducting training for regular folks, seniors, younger athletes, people who don’t need, want or require the specific skills of barbell training, machines are often a safer, better option.

Join us and find out why at TNT Strength we feel muscle overload can be applied with a variety of tools: barbells, dumbbells, machines, manually applied resistance, body weight, sand bags, etc. Anything that can create high tension in the muscles can be used.