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Truth Not Trends

Jun 12, 2023

This week Liam and Jesse are joined by Strength Coach, Author and founder of the Red Delta Project Matt Schifferle. 

After over 25 years of struggling with conventional approaches to diet and exercise, Matt developed his holistic fundamental approach to fitness, nutrition, and Grind Style Calisthenics.

Join us as we discuss in detail some of our specific tactics and strategies for incorporating static isometric style training into our workout programs. We talk in depth about some of our favorite tools for doing Functional Isometric Training including the awesome Dragon Door Iso-Max and Iso-Chain.

The world of fitness can be a noisy mess of dogmatic experts who claim you have to force yourself to obediently follow their methods. Matt Schifferle and his Red Delta Project helps cut through that toxic noise by focusing on the fundamental processes of Nature that ultimately govern your health and fitness.