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Truth Not Trends

Apr 30, 2023

Join us this week as we discuss High Intensity Strength Training with our guest Richard Chartrand of Sustainable Success. 

Richard first discovered “high intensity strength training” around 1981, when reading The Nautilus Bodybuilding Book by Ellington Darden PHD.

After years of training with a “More is Better" approach Richard began immediately applying these principles to himself. Along the way he ended up competing in and winning or placing in a few natural bodybuilding contests (while strength training less than 20 minutes per week), 

Almost 40 years later, the scientific evidence has reinforced that these ideas expressed in the writings of Ellington Darden and Arthur Jones were far ahead of their time. Richard decided to pursue his passion of helping people to achieve their optimal physical results by starting his own personal training business. 

Richard is confident that these methods can help athletes young and old to maximize their performance, but for many of his clients their goal is to “age gracefully” ensuring that their physical independence is maintained well into their golden years.