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Truth Not Trends

Nov 15, 2021

This week we are pleased to announce that Taylor Jones has accepted the challenge of becoming an apprentice strength coach with us at TNT Strength Oakland.

TNT Strength is comprised of a team of highly motivated and disciplined fitness professionals. We are dedicated to the pursuit, acquisition, and application of current, reliable knowledge in the field of exercise science and related disciplines.

We take a synergistic approach to helping our clients achieve their health, aesthetic, and athletic goals. Combining all aspects of total fitness such as strength, endurance, and flexibility with sound nutrition, proper bio-mechanics, and recuperation, we help to create a whole that is greater then the sum of its parts.

Upon completion of our apprenticeship program, Taylor will be well-versed in current strength training and conditioning protocols and in the physiological mechanisms and principals underlying their application towards creating more effective individuals.

Please join us in welcoming Taylor Jones to the TNT Strength family.