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Truth Not Trends

Nov 29, 2021

This week our guest is board-certified family medicine physician Dr. Nick Nwabueze a.k.a. @thefittestdoc on Instagram.

Dr. Nick believes in helping people make significant health improvements through their nutrition and other lifestyle changes.

He is passionate about how diet and movement affect overall health. He feels that the healthiest patients are those who work together with their doctors to form a long-term plan for their health.

In this episode Dr. Nick shares his personal experience with various eating plans including paleo, keto, intermittent fasting and Whole30. We discuss the importance of whole foods consumption and calorie deficit if patients are trying to lose weight.

Part of the CrossFit community since 2011, Dr. Nick holds a CrossFit level 1 trainer certificate, which he uses to coach classes in his spare time. He loves CrossFit because there’s an element of continuous learning.

You can never truly master anything but you can persistently become better and better.