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Truth Not Trends

Feb 25, 2019

Chris Pearson's credentials pack a punch: CSCS, MS in sports humanities, and a doctorate in theology. To top it all, he was a strength and conditioning coach for the Oakland Raiders for 14 seasons. 

In this episode Chris lets us know what it takes to train a Super Bowl caliber team and accomplish his life goal of owning...

Feb 18, 2019

Good programming keeps some of the old while making room for variety. There are variables and constants, like algebra, or poetry. 

The Russian Roulette system is designed to progress each individual muscle in your body on its own some days, and with a group of muscles on other days. 

In this episode Jesse and Liam...

Feb 11, 2019

Tyler Hobson is the inventor and owner of Pendulum, a subsidiary of Rogers Athletic that specializes in plate loaded machines with near perfect strength curves. 

In this interview we delve into the mechanics behind building a top-tier strength training equipment company and how Tyler and Pendulum are taking the world by...

Feb 4, 2019

Pete Sisco has been making 100% of his income online with his original power factor training since 1996. He is an expert on static contraction training and entrepreneurship.

In this interview with Pete we talk about how power factor has created raving fans across the globe and enabled Pete and his wife to live a...