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Truth Not Trends

Apr 18, 2022

Our guest this week is strength and fitness legend Roger Schwab.

Roger has been a pioneer in weight training for decades. He was college football's first strength and conditioning coach (Penn State 1964-1965) and the man who introduced the Nautilus training and equipment system to Philadelphia in 1976.

Schwab was head judge of the International Federation of Bodybuilders from 1977 to 1982 and judged five Mr. and Ms. Olympia contests.

He has personally trained many of America’s top athletes including U.S. Track Olympian Sydnee Maree, three-time U.S. Amateur Golf Champion Jay Sigel, U.S. Olympic Swim Coach George Haines (and his 1980 U.S. Women’s Swim Team) and the 1984 Bronze medal U.S. Olympic Women’s Field Hockey Team.

Roger Schwab gained national recognition from the medical community for his balanced approach to exercise in his book, Strength of a Woman – The Truth About Training the Female Body, published in 1997.