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Truth Not Trends

Jul 27, 2020

Many fitness professionals were shut down and forced online because of Covid. But was online training actually for the best?

Online business expert Pete Sisco (episode #33) joins us again to talk online training strategies to successfully navigate the Covid strength training world.

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Jul 13, 2020

This episode features a panel of Diana Del Garbino from Muscles in Motion in Lake Oswego, Oregon, Luke Carlson from Discover Strength in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Dwayne Wimmer from Vertex Fitness in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

This discussion covers practices for mental health, mixing elements of HIT training and...

Jul 13, 2020

Dennis Mangan is a reformed vegan and microbiologist. After dealing with chronic fatigue syndrome for years he made some significant dietary changes and changed his life permanently. Now he publishes books like Dumping Iron and coaches clients at

In this episode we dive deep on nutrition with...