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Truth Not Trends

Dec 27, 2021

Dave Durell has formerly worked as a strength and conditioning assistant with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a strength and conditioning consultant to the Jacksonville Jaguars, and the assistant strength and conditioning coach at Southeast Missouri State University.

He holds a master’s degree in health fitness administration, is a master level personal trainer, and a licensed physical therapist assistant.

After turning 50, Dave started feeling the effects of age-related wear and tear on his body, just as many people do. Knowing he had to figure out how to change his own workouts to overcome these limitations, Dave called upon the knowledge and experience he had gained over 35+ years in personal training, athletic strength and conditioning, and physical therapy, and created the Stay Strong Forever program, a unique strength training system that is especially suited for those over 50.

Join us as we discuss the effects of age-related wear and tear on your body, how to deal with injuries from the past, as well as the best strategies and tactics to combat sarcopenia, a.k.a. age-related muscle loss.