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Truth Not Trends

Aug 22, 2022

Today we wanted to take a moment to honor a friend and mentor of TNT Strength: Mr. Gary Bannister. 

For the first time ever Truth Not Trends is re-releasing an early episode to honor the passing of our friend, Gary Bannister.

Gary has written some of our favorite books (some of which are required reading for our TNT Strength coaches). One of my all time favorites of is:…”What They Won’t Tell You. GOLF Performance Training“.

A longtime golfer, Bannister played with some of the world’s greatest champions. He established and coached the men’s and women’s varsity golf teams at Averett College, and opened South America’s first Nautilus gym, which led him to prepare Venezuela’s male and female golf teams for the World Team Amateur Championship in 1986.

We were very fortunate to have Gary as an early guest on our Truth Not Trends Podcast way back in episode #18. Gary was smart funny and a pleasure to speak with about all things Arthur Jones and Brief Intense Effective Strength Training.

He will be missed…

Gary F. Bannister, age 74, of Tequesta, Florida passed away on Friday, August 12, 2022. Gary was born February 26, 1948.